The Best Part About Having a Pen Pal

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I love sending letters! Thanks to Hallmark this lonely semester has been filled with letter writing and new friends! Here are four of the best parts about having a penpal. 

  1. 1. Just Getting Mail

    Getting mail is the best feeling ever. Growing up getting to go up to mailbox and see if there was anything for me was the best part of my day. 

  2. 2. Making New Friends 

    Two women laughing and laying in leaves

    Getting a pen pal is the purest form of friendship. You really get to know someone and figure out all the things you have in common. 

  3. 3. It's Relaxing

    a paper envelope on top of a letter

    Writing a letter is so relaxing. I hardly ever get to pick up a pen and paper and just write. Also there is just something really satisfying about sticking a stamp on an envelope. 

  4. 4. Cute Cards

    Not only is it nice to get a note from a new friend but the cards from at Hallmark are so cute they bring a smile to my face. My favorite one says, "This is a paper hug!" Like how cute is that? 

Go to or @hallmark on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to check out their amazing cards and find yourself a pen pal!