The Best Face Mask for Your Skin Type

I think we all need a good face mask in our lives.  So, here I am with my insight (aka Google and Ulta) to tell you the best face mask for your skin type.  I hope this article helps you relax and puts you one step closer to glowing, healthy skin! Also, special shoutout to my girl, Betsy, for helping me brainstorm this idea! 

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, girl I feel you.  It’s so irritating. Your makeup looks good for maybe two hours, but by the time you’re halfway through your night out or you reach lunch time, it’s practically running down your face.  The best masks for oily skin are charcoal or clay bentonite masks… whatever that means. Here are a few of the best reviewed (one luxury, one affordable because I got you, sis).


Rare Earth Deep Pore Clensing Masque

This mask is on the pricier side, but Kiehl’s is an amazing, high quality brand which I definitely recommend.  The reviews on this discuss how much it helped with oily skin, so definitely check this out! 

Special Mask for Oily Skin

We all love a good Mario Badescu product. This one is definitely not the cheapest, but for this price and the amount in the package, I think it’s worth it.  Also, it’s specifically blended for oily skin, which is a plus.  


Dry Skin

As winter coming, we must prepare for dry skin season, ladies.   The best masks for dry skin are sheet, sleep, gel or cream masks.  Lucky for y’all, these kinds of masks are everywhere.  But, here are the best! 

Irish Moor Mud Mask

For the luxe girl, here is one that literally has so many reviews, I had to put it in.  It’s by Peter Thomas Roth, so you know it’s good.  It has forty reviews saying that it is super hydrating.  Also, it’s a mud mask which are my favorite!

SkineActive Moisture Bomb

I bet you could find this sheet mask at Walmart, which makes it so amazing and accessible.  Also, the reviews claim it’s incredibly hydrating. However, sensitive skin beware! It’s not the best choice for sensitive skin, but don’t worry, I’ll get to y’all in a second! 

Combined Skin

Combination skin is what I have.  It honestly is so irritating.  Half your face is oily and then the other is as dry as a desert.  I feel like I literally have to apply two face masks to make sure I accommodate each skin type of mine.  


Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask 

Fortunately, this mask might be my savior.  Although it’s pretty pricey, it might be going on my birthday list.  The reviews are awesome— it hydrates, but not excessively, and leaves your skin feeling so incredibly soft.  

Disco Kitten Iluminating Diamond Peel- Off Mask 

I actually kind of want to buy this mask for it’s name.  Like… Disco Kitten? That’s too good.  This mask illuminates and lifts up your face, all while dealing with your combo skin.  I may or may not have just added this to my cart.  


Acne Prone 

I also have acne prone skin.  Dude, it’s the worst.  Literally everything breaks me out.  So, because of that, I can’t promise you these masks will work because everyone’s different. However, I hope these at least help you start your search for the perfect detoxifying mask.  

Idian Healing Clay

This is, without a doubt, one of the best face masks on the market for acne prone skin.  And it’s so affordable - $10 for a pound?! Seriously, go look at the before and after pictures.  It’s outstanding.  I’m getting this after I finish writing this article.  

Matcha Magic Super- Antioxidant Mask 

Matcha anything, I swear I’ll always love. And be real, don’t you think this mask looks like literal heaven to wear? According to the reviews, this really gets all the gross stuff out of your pores and leaves you feeling ~tingly fresh~!


Well, that’s all for my little self care article.  I hope to see you all on campus with some incredibly glowing skin!