Beautiful Foods

Believe it or not, you can pick out foods from the Hub that will make you feel good on the inside AND make you look good on the outside!  This past week, I picked out some meals with health benefits that also make a noticeable difference on your outer appearance. Being healthy and induldging in foods that have health and beauty benefits is definitely in style.
Including yogurt in your daily diet can benefit you in multiple ways.  Yogurt’s acidic nature can eliminate acne-causing germs and bacteria throughout your body, leaving your face blemish free.  At the same 
time, just the process of eating yogurt will whiten your teeth and strengthen enamel, so smile bright!
The benefits of fish for heart health have long been known, but surprisingly the oils found in fish are also good for your hair and skin too!  If you are on a low-fat diet, your hair and skin can often lack the oils 
they need, leaving them dull and brittle.  The omega-3’s in fish can restore these natural oils.  Another way to get oils from daily food is to use olive oil and vinegar as your salad dressing as I did here.
If you are trying to lose weight faster, eating spicier foods will boost your metabolism.  But be careful, eating too many extra spicy foods for long periods of time will damage your taste buds!  Also, make sure 
to load up on the veggies.  Veggies are a great way to get the carbs that your body needs without the fattening qualities of starch.
No matter what you want to eat, make sure you drink tons of water!  Water flushes out the toxins in your body, makes your skin brighter, your hair stronger, and make you feel overall better.  Happy eating!