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Anna Roth ’20

Anna Roth is a sophomore School of Music student and RA. Even with her hectic schedule, Anna was able to take the time out of her day to sit down with HerCampus.

HerCampus: Hey Anna! How are you?

Anna Roth: I’m great, thank you!

HC: So, how’s your semester going?

AR: It’s going well. It’s been super busy; opera prep is like insane but it's so much fun!

HC: Oh, nice! So, what’s your role in the opera?

AR: I am an understudy for the role of Marcellina, which is super fun! She’s the woman who tries to marry Figaro when Susanna and he want to get married, and then later she figures out she’s actually Figaro’s mother.

HC: No way, that’s totally uncomfortable.

AR: Yep! But it’s fun.

HC: So besides the School of Music, what else are you involved in on campus?

AR: I’m an RA, mostly!

HC:  Oh, that’s so fun! Tell me about that.

AR: Oh my gosh, it is so great; I love being an RA. My residents are amazing and it's so great to be a resource for other people.

HC:  That’s so cool! So what floor are you an RA on?

AR: Hogate 2.

HC: That’s awesome! So, what’s your favorite part of being an RA?

AR: I think my favorite part of being an RA is seeing my residents out and about around campus everyday and having meaningful interactions with them and like catching up with them and making sure that everyone’s doing well.

HC: That does sound great! So sweet! So, what do you think is the weirdest thing you’ve seen being an RA?

AR: Well, I’m not allowed to go into too much detail, but I had to break up a boxing match once, and they had boxing gloves and everything. It was pretty crazy!

HC:  That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve heard this week, that’s insane!

AR: Right?

HC: Well, thank you for meeting with HerCampus, Anna, have a fantastic semester and we’ll be sure to look out for you in the opera!

AR: Thank you!

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