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Alexis Klink ’21

HerCampus: Thank you so much for meeting with me tonight! How are you? 

Alexis Klink: I am great! Thank you! 

HC: So, what made you choose DePauw?

AK: I chose DePauw because I am pre-med but I didn’t want to only take science classes. I have interests in many different areas, and I thought that DePauw would allow for me to take a wide range of classes.

HC: What was your first reaction to finding out you had received the Lilly Scholarship? 

AK: I was so shocked and thankful when I found out I received the scholarship. I knew all the finalists from the county, so I knew whoever got it would deserve it. 

HC: What are you involved in on campus? 

AK: I am involved in Timmy Global Health, Best Buddies, the Spanish Enrichment Program, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Pi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity. 

HC: Wow! That sounds like a handful! How do you manage your time? 

AK: I always use a planner and write down everything. 

HC: What are you hoping to major in? 

AK: Spanish and Biochemistry.

HC: Awesome! Language is so important! What opportunities have come up for you with that? 

AK: I actually received an internship in Costa Rica where I will be working with local families in reforestation and sustainability. 

HC: Costa Rica?! Best of luck to you! I hope you have so much fun! Thank you for meeting with me!  

AK: Thank you so much!  

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