Academic Tips Everyone Should Know

Well, It’s September. Summer is officially ending, and school has started. As school gets into full swing, I wanted to share some academic tips I have learned throughout my first year of college. Hopefully, these tips will help make your year and classes as enjoyable and simple as possible.

  1. 1. Use All Your Teachers

    As a biochem major, I am constantly finding myself bombarded with questions and needing to contact my professors. But sometimes the professor of your specific class just doesn’t help. Last year, I went to my advisor about all sorts of chemistry, biology, and even just college questions. Going to a professor you’re close with instead of the one who’s teaching your class can often provide clarity and answers that you wouldn’t have expected. 

  2. 2. Find Your Study Spot

    Yes, I know this is so cheesy, but it is true. I tried a lot of different places on campus, but this year, I have finally found the places where I can just sit and work for hours. Finding that spot takes time, but studying in a place outside your room where you are comfortable is a great way to get things done. 

  3. 3. Use Social Media

    If you’re like me and prefer to study with people, use social media! Just this week, a study session with my two friends turned into a whole class study session. We asked questions, provided clarity, and helped each other out. We all went into the exam feeling much more confident than we did before. Use social media and your phones to your benefit, because even if you don’t know everyone in your class, I’m sure they would appreciate some help just as much as you. 

Hopefully some of these tips help to make studying easier. College academics are hard, but we all got this!! Welcome back, and have an awesome year.