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7 Songs for the Perfect Road Trip

It’s a fact that the most difficult part of any car ride is choosing what songs go on the playlist, who gets to chose what to listen to, and is country music really ever an option. Don’t worry though, I’ve got your back. To make life easier here is a list of amazing songs that anyone will be happy to listen to during a road trip.

You Belong With Me

Even if you're not the biggest T-Swift fan, this song is a classic that everyone knows every word to and loves. "You Belong With Me" somehow manages to still be one of the most relatable songs written and will always without fail bring out the teen emotions of anyone who listens to it.

Signs of the Times

The new Harry Styles single "Sign of the Times" is such an amazing song. It’s so different than any of his other songs and any other songs I listen to normally, but that’s just what makes it so perfect. Every single person who’ve I talked to about the song has said that they love it. so just due to the general positive consensus, I had to include it!

If I Ain't Got You

"If I Ain’t Got You" has been one of the best songs written since its 2003 release. It’s soulful, emotional, powerful and an all around can’t miss. I can guarantee that if everyone in the car is belting out this song, it will be the highlight of your trip.

Living on a Prayer

Most people just know the chorus and that’s completely fine because to be completely honest, that’s all you need to know to love the song.


According to my mom, every Ed Sheeran song is perfect, and I completely agree. His new album doesn’t have any songs that wouldn’t be perfect for any car ride. But since I feel the need to chose one for this list, I’ve got to go with "Dive." It has powerful lyrics and an amazing beat to it. I may have already listened to this song 73 times? But hey, who’s counting?

Beautiful Soul

You're lying if you did not have a massive crush on Jesse McCartney as a pre-teen (and even now, I’m not going to lie). "Beautiful Soul" is the song that will not only make you feel like you're in love, but also revive some much needed nostalgia.

Don't Stop Me Now

Yes, I am well aware that this is not in fact the band Queen but rather the marvelous Paul Rudd doing some fancy leg work for a very good reason. This song is absolutely amazing, energetic and has some amazing lyrics. There is no way anyone in the car wouldn’t want to hear this killer song.

Enjoy! You’ll thank me later.

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