6 Things to Do Over Thanksgiving Break

A lot of people will be leaving campus this week to celebrate Thanksgiving at home. No matter what your plans are, the break from class is a time to do things you can’t necessarily do the rest of the year.

1. Black Friday Shopping!

Black Friday used to be a huge thing. People would get up at 3am, stand in lines in freezing temperatures, and get into actual fistfights over who got to buy the last television. Recently, more people have been shopping online, so stores aren’t quite as crowded as they used to be. Grab some friends who are home and hit up your favorite stores for a great deal. Nothing says fun like waking up early, shopping with friends, and then getting brunch afterwards.

2. Brunch

If getting up at 4am isn’t your forte, no one will be mad at you for suggesting waking up at a more reasonable hour and eating good food. It doesn’t matter if you’re more of a Waffle House or a Bob Evans fan.  

3. Sleep

It’s been a rough couple of weeks since fall break. Take this class-free time to catch up on sleep and make it easier to function during the day. You can never have too much sleep.

4. Catch Up on Movies/Shows 

With a few more hours of spare time, you can finally finish Stranger Things, or go to see Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, or Wonder. If you don’t have anything specific that you want to watch, revisit an older (but still amazing) show like Parks and Recreation, Scrubs, or Friends.

5. Help with Dinner

Thanksgiving is typically when families get together and eat a lot of food. Help out by baking a pie, making stuffing, or setting the table if you’re someone who can burn water. If you’re not going home for Thanksgiving, have a Friendsgiving!

6. Catch Up on Homework

This isn’t the most fun way to spend break, but if you really need to read for a certain class, or get started on your final paper, this is a great time to do it.