6 Pies to Make For Your Thanksgiving Festivities

Well, Halloween has come and gone and instead of being sad, I've decided to jump right in to the Thanksgiving season! My family loves to do lots of baking for the big day, and over the years I've tried out a lot of quirky recipes. Here are a few of my favorite classics and not-so-classics that seemed to please even the the pickiest members of my family!

1) Chocolate pie. Now I was a little worried about this one because of the unbearable richness that usually accompanies something so chocolatey. However, I found a light and fluffy recipe that had me going back for more slices!


2) Sugar-free Key lime pie. Some of my family can't have sugar, and it's no fun to feel left out on a day that you're supposed to spend together, so I found this great recipe that is tasty and tart!


3) The classic apple pie. One of my personal favorites! I usually just leave it open-faced, so no crust on top, but if I'm feeling especially fancy I might cut and weave the pie dough to create a basket look.


4) Pumpkin pie. A given, but always a must. My sister and I usually argue over who gets to make it, and then we end up making two! We also cut out little leaves from spare dough and place it on about halfway through the baking for some added decor!


5) Cherry pie. Not particularly my most preferred pie, but definitely still a good one. I usually do the basket weave with the pie crust for this one as well. My papa really enjoys this with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and lots of whipped cream!


6) Blueberry pie. I am a big fan of this one because it's so sweet and delicious. If you zap this treat in the microwave for 30 seconds, it comes out piping hot and ready to serve. A scoop of vanilla ice cream can't hurt too!