5 Outfit Ideas for Lazy/Sick Days

Just because you feel tired, lazy, or sick doesn’t mean you have to roll into class in your PJs or sweats. Here are a few ideas for your lazy days that can still make you look cute in front of that cute guy in your bio lab this winter.


A long-sleeve t-shirt and leggings is about the comfiest outfit you can get. A hat can also hide a bad hair day if needed. Finish it off with a pair of fun socks, making an outfit look a little more put together and adding a twist of fun.



Everyone likes repping their college, so wearing your broken-in college sweatshirt is about the comfiest thing you can wear to class. Trade out those over-worn leggings for a pair of standard skinny jeans and throw on some comfy birks. A hat can be a great addition to hide your messy hair, and to complete the look, add a necklace for a little extra detail.  


This outfit works well for a cooler day. Comfy leggings and an oversized sweater can be a great choice by adding some long socks and riding boots. This is an especially autumn-y looking outfit, and no one will even know you’re having an off day.


If paired with the right top, skinny jeans with a pair of comfy tennis shoes can actually look super cute. Stripes especially work well with this outfit, as they add something interesting while still keeping it fairly low key. And of course, hats are always a life saver.



Another big sweater and leggings outfit, this variation is just as comfy. Adding a pair of flats and a scarf can completely change up a few basic pieces and make a completely different outfit. A beanie is more appropriate with this outfit and hides a bad hair day just as well as a baseball cap.