5 Festive Outfits to Wear this Season

It’s officially the holiday season! Whether you’re just going to class, hanging out with some friends, or heading to a Christmas event on campus, sometimes you want to channel that Christmas spirit! Here are a few ways to do that with some clothes you probably already have.

1. Christmas Leggings

Christmas can be comfy! If you don’t own Christmas leggings already, they’re fairly cheap at stores like Old Navy and Target and pair nicely with big sweaters and fuzzy socks.

2. Red Dress

This outfit works well for if you’ve got to dress up a little for something. Complete with black leggings or tights and black boots and a black jacket to create an eye catching, festive combo!

3. Plaid Scarf

A plaid scarf can make any outfit festive. Jeans and boots paired with a neutral (or red or green) sweater makes for a really easy outfit that looks put together.

4. Plaid Shirt

A red plaid shirt can be worn in so many ways at Christmas time. Paired with leggings, jeans, or black jeans, it can make for a very festive outfit. Boots and long socks can give the outfit a more winter-y feel.

5. Vest

Adding a vest to any outfit gives off a feeling of winter, and pairing it again with a plaid shirt, winter scarf, or boots (or all three!) can make the outfit more Christmas themed.

Merry Christmas!