5 DIY Halloween Costumes

When Halloween comes around in college, buying a fancy costume sometimes isn’t an option when you’re tight on money. But DIY costumes are always a good option, and sometimes they can even be more fun. With an opportunity to have some fun and be creative with your costume, here are 5 DIY Halloween costumes you can make and some you can wear with a friend.

1. Wilson the Volleyball and Tom Hanks

A Castaway inspired Tom Hanks and Wilson costume is an easy idea and can even be made last minute. One person just needs a fake beard and a FedEx box, and the other just needs to make a shirt with a handprint of Wilson’s face.

2. Grapes

This costume might be the easiest, but also the most creative. Simply attach green or purple balloons to a shirt of the same color and you’re set! If you want to make it even more authentic, add some fake leaves to an old headband, and you and your friends are a perfect bunch. This costume is very cheap, and you probably won’t see anyone else wearing the same thing.

3. ET Costume

No one is going to ask you who you are with this costume! It’s easy enough to find a milk crate and to print out a large ET somewhere on campus. Grab a red hoodie to wear and this costume will be complete. This costume is easy to put together, it’s original and fun, and you don’t need a partner for it!

4. Easy Mac and Cheese

The staple of every college kid’s diet, Easy Mac is a very recognizable item. While this costume might take a little more planning than others, it’s still fun. A yellow shirt plus some toilet paper rolls that have been spray painted yellow make up half the outfit. Then finish it off by cutting an old cardboard box up in the right shapes and painting it to make it the cup for the Easy Mac. Bonus points if you include (correct) cooking instructions on the cup.

5. Chips and Guac

This is another original idea that’s sure to turn a few heads. A large piece of felt on a green t-shirt with leggings will make a perfect avocado, and carrying a bag of chips completes the look.