5 Benefits of Living in a Sorority

Recruitment is right around the corner for the first-year students here at DePauw, and some may be unsure about going through the process or nervous about living in a house full of girls. Greek life is not for everyone, but it definitely has its benefits. Not only do you have a life-long sisterhood, but the house itself has benefits of its own.

1. Friends at Every Corner

Need a hug? Your friends are just in the other room! Living in a sorority house makes it easier for you to be around the ones you love. Also, the girls have a variety of talents and majors, meaning you have your own personal tutor just a few steps away!


2. Food, Hot and Ready

Living in a sorority means that there are meals prepared for you each day. Winter is coming, and it is comforting to know you can go down downstairs in your socks and pajamas for food without having to bear to freezing cold.


3. Quiet Spaces

Within each chapter house, there are places designed just for homework! Need some peace and quiet? Just move rooms! I don’t know about you, but sometimes the library can be really depressing. Instead, stay in the comfort of your own home for the same benefits!


4, Wear Whatever, Whenever

You don't have to worry about being judged! Sisters don't judge sisters! You can wear a bra, or not. You can wear pants, or not! You will always feel comfortable and your complete self within your house.


5. No Need for Extra Essentials

Freshman year can be a real pain. You have your own fridge, microwave, dishes, and more that you have to lug back and forth once school starts and ends. No need for all that extra stuff in a sorority. Microwaves and fridges for food storage are provided! Sure, you can bring along your favorite mug, but it is not necessary. The dishes are done for you and the house is cleaned every week. You can feel confident about living in a clean space where everything is at convenient reach.

Of course, there are many more benefits of living in a sorority. If you're not sure about going through recruitment, just give it a try. There is no pressure or contract keeping you in the process if you realize it is not for you. Recruitment can be a really fun time with friends and can also give you the chance to learn more about the chapters on campus.