4 Reasons Why Crocs Are the Most FUNtional Shoes You Will Ever Own

I just recently gave in and purchased a pair of Crocs, and now I am wondering why it took me so long me to join this trend. Crocs are an affordable and versatile shoe that are perfect for almost any occasion. Here are the top four reasons you need a pair of Crocs in your closet.

1. They are super easy to wash

There is nothing worse than wearing your favorite shoes out on a rainy day only to have them ruined by a mud puddle. When you have Crocs, all you have to do is run them under some water and towel them off, and they are good as new.

2. They are perfect shower shoes

Everyone knows how gross community dorm bathrooms are, and while walking in there in flimsy flip-flops is better than nothing, they are still slippery and provide little support. Crocs give your feet more support and traction, so you are less likely to fall, and are super easy to dry off.

3. They are super comfortable

Since Crocs are made out of a soft foam material, they are super light and easy to walk in. They have an optional back strap so you can wear them as slip-on shoes when you are in a hurry or you can pull the heel strap back and be ready to run. They also have holes on the sides and on the top of the shoe so your feet stay cool.

4. They match everything

You can get Crocs in all different colors, so they match everything. I have a white pair, but yellow and pink are also super popular colors. You can throw them on with sweat pants or even dress them up with a skirt.