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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes while I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed, I wish there was a bit more than pictures of my friends and people I haven’t talked to since high school, and political accounts spreading news about the state of the world. If you feel the same, here are my favorite accounts that break up the monotony a bit with flowing words and positive emotions that we all need a little more of these days. 


Run by Ian Redpath and Jeremy Chopra, this account shares photos of Service Information Boards on the London underground. They write poems, inspirational quotes, jokes, and messages about serious topics like invisible illnesses and current events. It’s not always the kind of blind positivity some accounts spread, but in some ways, I think that makes it feel more real. It really feels like a connection to humanity in a way that is hard to achieve over the internet.


Poet and author of “Of Flowers that Bloomed in Fire”, Jerico Silvers shares his work as brightly colored nuggets of wisdom. Whenever I see these on my Instagram feed, it feels like a palate cleanser–– the simple words and emotions they carry make me feel at peace and ready to try again. It’s inspiration without being too loud or too demanding, and it’s perfect for a moment of introspection before dealing with real life again. 


Kylie McBeath is a health coach, and she shares quotes and paragraphs about emotional wellness, self-healing and living consciously, particularly for a female audience. Like the other accounts in this list, coming across her posts is a breath of fresh air, and fits in nicely with the goal of taking quiet moments to reflect and push forward in your own life. Through her Instagram stories, she also shares skincare tips, book recommendations, and podcasts where she’s been a guest.


This is probably my favorite account of them all, because while the words feel like little life lessons in squares, Morgan Harper Nichols is an artist, and it shows. These are the kind of things I would print out as posters, and I love swiping through the photos on each post to read and see how they’re all connected. The best news is that she has a shop (https://garden24.co/) where you’re able to buy prints, stationery, stickers and books, and it all looks so amazing that I would definitely buy a sticker pack or two as a gift!

Scrolling past a post from any of these people makes me immediately scroll back up and read, no matter what mood I’m in. They genuinely make my day better and help me connect with my thoughts and emotions more, and they’re exactly what you need to break up the repetitiveness of social media. 

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