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2 Cute and Effortless Outfits for Long Winter Months on Campus

It’s that time of year, that long stretch from the beginning of January until Spring Break when cold, dark mornings are close to unbearable. Seeing the snow fall is not quite as exciting because Christmas has already passed, and some of us may be daydreaming about the beach we’re escaping to once Spring Break hits.

That being said, just because our moods falter doesn’t mean our outfits have to! I know that with these cold, dark mornings, most of us are probably getting up 15 minutes before our class starts. We don’t exactly feel like we have time to put together the outfit of our dreams. Don’t get me wrong—I’m all about rolling out of bed and showing up to class. However, I think we all have those days where we want to look cute but simply feel like we don’t have the time. But with these tips, tricks and outfit inspirations (accounting for style and efficiency), you’ll be able to style something trendy without having to push back your wake-up time.

Outfit #1

~Cute & Comfortable~

Though this first option is your basic, everyday school look, it is so functional and cute that it still deserves a place on this list. Plus, it can be quickly dressed up or dressed down depending on your preference. Throw on your favorite DePauw crewneck with a pair of leggings and comfy boots or Timberlands, and you are set. Feel like spicing up your outfit beyond this casual look? Add a cozy knit scarf that will keep you warm inside and outside. Throw on some cozy, nice socks that will peek out over your boots, or leg warmers if your boots are higher. Adding these accessories to a casual outfit can transform your look. If you want to make the look even nicer, swap out the Uggs or Timberlands for a pair of nice leather boots. With this look, dressed up or dressed down, you’ll be able to show your DePauw spirit in style. :)    

Outfit #2

~Sophisticated & Fashionable~

This look can be styled in three ways on top while keeping the same boots and leggings (or jeans, if that’s what you’re feeling) on the bottom. It is an extremely easy way to look effortlessly cute in class while maintaining your unique personal style. One way to quickly throw a fashionable look together is to take advantage of the blanket scarf. The blanket scarf is a staple and multi-purpose item for your closet. Not only can you wrap it around your neck, but you can also throw it around your shoulders to function as a shawl. Styled in the latter way, you can take your look from something cute and girly to something elegant and beautiful, something that is seemingly straight out of a fashion magazine. Plus, styling this accessory as a shawl rather than a scarf takes just as much time in the morning, if not less. You can also style the leggings with a poncho, which is one my personal favorite trends. A sweater poncho gives off the same beautiful and effortless vibe as a wrap scarf and is just as easy to throw on. The last look, appropriate with leggings or jeans, allows you to add a pop of chic to an otherwise basic outfit. Add a neck tie/scarf to a basic white tee or long-sleeved shirt. In two seconds, you’ve added a pop of color and transformed your outfit. All of these outfits can be styled with a pair of boots and the same leg warmers as Outfit #1. Throw on some mascara, and you’re out the door in 10 minutes. 

One more quick tip: When we are rushing out the door in the morning, our first idea for dealing with our “bed head” involves throwing on a baseball cap. While these are cute on occasion, stocking caps are a great alternative (and they keep your head warm). Stock up on a few basic colors (i.e. cream, black and grey), and you’ll have a hat to go with every cute and casual look.

The wonderful thing about both these looks is their versatility. If you’re more of a grunge personality, you can style that neck tie with some boyfriend jeans and black boots. If you’re feeling extra girly, pull out your favorite pink scarf to style as a shawl, or pair that scarf with a neutral-colored DePauw crewneck. Apply these looks to YOUR personal style so you can be the best, most confident you (even if you did wake up 15 minutes ago).

I hope these tips and tricks helped spark some fashion inspiration amid these long, cold months. Though the academics are grueling during this time, remember that Spring Break is getting closer and closer every day. And while we wait, why not throw together some quick and cute outfits in the meantime?

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Haley Burgh <3  

Haley Burgh

DePauw '22

My name is Haley Burgh and I am a freshman at DePauw University. Although I am a vocal performance major, I take a great interest in style and fashion, and always have since I was young. The idea of writing on a blog has always been so intriguing to me, so this semester I decided to pursue this interest as a fun and exciting way to express myself. Excited to be a part of this uplifting feminine community and look forward to interacting with the women of DePauw.
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