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1. It’s Super Relatable.

Every moment from the show gives you flashbacks from your middle school experience. From kickball to the middle school dance, there isn’t a missed iconic middle school moment  mentioned.



2. It’s Actually Laugh Out Loud Funny.

When you’re not busy cringing at the relatable moments of the main characters, I promise you will be laughing out loud. The premise of two adults acting playing themselves as middle schoolers with a bunch of middle schoolers may sound strange, but watching the two main characters navigate middle school is hilarious.



3. It’s Extremely Binge-able.

There are only 10 episodes and they’re all 20 minutes long. So, while you’re trying to ignore the start of spring quarter, you might as well watch some PEN15.



4. It Talks About Real Issues.

Towards the end of the series, the characters start to face some real issues including racism and divorce. The show shows realistic ways middle schoolers understand these issues, while also making you root for the main characters’ friendship.


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