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You Can’t Convince Me That Beyonce is Pregnant



You couldn’t convince me that Beyonce was pregnant if you tried. I thought it was a pretty common belief that Beyonce didn’t give birth to Blue Ivy,  but I’ve recently found out that it’s not. Recently, Beyonce announced on instagram that she was once again pregnant, but this time with twins. But, I’m not convinced. If you faked your first pregnancy, what would stop you from faking the second? Another good point is that if they used a surrogate the first time, you’re likely to have multiples after that with IVF treatments.

There is no shame in using artificial means of conception, but there is shame in a woman as prominent as Beyonce not using her platform to lessen this stigma. There are rumors that she had issues with miscarriages, which is consistent with her age and career. Further, Beyonce’s image is what makes her money. Many celebrities aren’t willing to sacrifice their career to carry their own child. The month before she revealed publicly that she was pregnant, Beyonce was performing on the X Factor.  She was performing in heels and dancing on tables and jumping off of them. Is this surprising for Beyonce? No! Is this surprising for a woman carrying a high risk pregnancy? Absolutely.

Blue Ivy was born in early January in 2012. She confirmed that she was first pregnant at the Video Music Awards in August, where she would have been about four months pregnant. A perfectly reasonable time to first announce that you are pregnant, as you have entered the second trimester. There had been some rumors starting in May, when she appeared with undyed roots.

While she does appear to have different sizes bumps here, that is something that sometimes happens in different clothing when the bump is still this small. But, that’s not the part that gets me. How did a woman as notorious and closely watched as Beyonce get around Hollywood with the way that she dressed without anyone noticing? She is in incredible physical shape and would likely show sooner than usual because of this. Also, not that it’s my business, but the Party music video was filmed three days before the VMAs….

So, let’s go back to the beginning of her “pregnancy” and see. Was she acting like a woman that was pregnant? Was she showing? I don’t think so, in my unprofessional opinion as a person who has never been pregnant.

This is Beyonce at two months pregnant with Blue Ivy attending the MET ball. While you aren’t supposed to wear heels, a lot do. But, wearing a corset when you’re almost through your first trimester?

While this wasn’t published until she was five months pregnant, but the photo was taken when she was only four months, AKA the same month of the VMAs. Yes, I understand that photoshop is a thing. But this is beyond that. She is not only in shape, but she is perfectly flat and her muscles are not natural if you’re bearing human life.

Here is Beyonce at an opening of a Tory Burch store opening a month after the VMAs. This isn’t dressing to your strengths. This would be trying to a see a pregnancy that isn’t there.

Here is the big one. The reason why this has been looked into so far.  Here, Beyonce is allegedly seven months pregnant and appearing on ‘Sunday Night HD’ which is like the Australian version of the View. Her stomach folds in on itself and collapses. This is not how a pregnant belly behaves. It’s clearly not real. To add insult to injury….

Here is Beyonce less than a week later.

The next time, and the last time, Beyonce gets into hot water with her bump is during an interview at the screening of “Live at Roseland.” However, this time, it doesn’t collapse. It just gets visibly less and less full. Almost as if deflating. Not almost. Her stomach is deflating in front of a live crowd. People have spent time looking at the bits of undergarment visible near her breasts, but that’s not that unusual for a woman’s bra and other slimming figure wear to be seen. But, this is the only time I’ve seen a pregnancy stomach get smaller before giving birth.

So, can I say beyond any doubt that she is currently pregnant? No, but if you lie to me once, you’re a liar. The largest argument that people have that she carried Blue Ivy is that she was born in a hospital. But, their teams went to extremes to allow this to happen. Apparently, the hospital allowed them to seize all the staff’s phones as well as black out all security cameras on the premise. While I can’t comment on if this is legal, it doesn’t seem likely. What would a hospital have to gain by endangering the rest of their patients? Not a single staff member has been able to even confirm that they have ever met them in person, but maybe they had the entire staff sign NDAs. I just don’t think a single legal counsel would allow for a hospital to put themselves in this risk. I don’t believe Beyonce is pregnant. There is too much proof that she might not have been. This isn’t something that just happens to celebrities; this is Beyonce getting caught.

Michelle is a third year Secondary Education English student at DePaul University that enjoys sarcasm, laughing at cats on the internet, and forgetting to wear her glasses to class.
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