Winter Survival Kits '16

No one seems to spoil us quite like nationals does! Luckily, Her Campus is headed in Boston so they know a thing or two about trudging through these rough and windy winters. This survival kit was filled to the brim with everything a collegiette needs to face the Chicago winters! We can't wait to share it all once the team comes back together in January. 

Yogi Tea was nice enough to send along sample packets with two different flavors of tea for our tasting pleasure! They're super convenient to throw in your bag for a cup at your internship or if we want to try a cup before committing to a whole box. Also, sometimes you just need a cup of tea to kick the sicknesses lurking around the corner! These face masks from 7 Wonders will no doubt help rejuvenate our skin by adding much neccessary moisture to combat how dry the wind burn can make it. Even though we've probably retired our legs for the season, Pure Silk is sure to help us keep them soft as summer.

We can deny it all we want, but the sun going down at 4 o'clock really does take a physical toll on us. We convince ourself to take our rough classes in Winter Quarter because it's so cold that no one wants to go out anyway, but then we sleep through most of it. Well, when we wake up fifteen minutes before class, Her Campus will help us get ready on the go! A little bronzer to wake up the face, a natural lip to tie us together, throw in a sharp wing and lashes that might not be real and you're still sitting pretty and looking like you did all the reading. I mean, you did...right?

My favorite sponsor from this survival kit, however, it the Book of the Month club! They have been nice enough to extent 3 month subscriptions to several of our writers and we're so excited to try it out and get more reviews on the site for you. After all, there's only so many times rewatching New Girl in a six-week period is healthy, right?