Why "You" Is So Important

The newest Netflix show trend all over social media is the television series You. This show is different from most Netflix shows because the message behind it is so important for young audiences. The show follows a male bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley a.k.a. Dan Humphrey), and his unhealthy obsession with a young aspiring writer. I think this drama-filled show goes beneath the surface and critiques society’s view of a relationship. Here are some reasons to start watching right now:

1. The show delves inside the negative consequences of abusive and toxic relationships

The most important aspect of this show to me is the fact that it puts you into the mindset of an abusive relationship. Each step is slowly shown in the show; Joe Goldberg begins as the “perfect” man to Beck, but slowly becomes more and more controlling. The show does an excellent job describing to its viewers how enticing abusive relationships seem at first. This really is a situation that could possibly happen to any woman, and the thought of that is so much bigger than the show itself.

2. The show normalizes female pleasure

Society as a whole shuts down women for discussing sexual pleasure, as it is viewed as a gross subject. This show challenges that statement by showing the main character, Beck, frequently texting her girlfriends about her sex life and their sex life. Beck also often indulges in self-pleasure, again showcasing this a more “normal” action.

3. There are so few like it

Whether or not you like the storyline or acting, there are so few “mainstream” television shows that tackle these important issues. The show could possibly open doors for other conversations on abusive relationships.

So, long story short: go watch You.