Why You Need to Stop Obsessing Over Money in College

Ariana has us all double checking ourselves and our wallets, that’s for sure. What she’s proven in her most recent hit, “7 rings,” is that money really buys happiness. In all seriousness, money or lack thereof, makes us all wishing like we could have “breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles,” but that’s not the reality. The reality is—you’re in college, you’re surviving on ramen and Mt. Dew Kickstarts, and can’t seem to even buy books for the semester.

Money, evidently, runs our lives. I’m no expert in money and I can’t relate to everybody’s financial situation, but as a college student, I’ve learned a lot about saving and managing my money. To an extent, it has become an obsessive mental roller coaster, and I think a lot of people stress over it, too. Spending money is inevitable and sometimes it’s really hard to make those financial decisions because there’s something else you’d rather be saving your money towards; however, you cannot live your life worrying about it, here’s why:

You Need Money to Live

It’s true kids, money buys you food, water, air conditioning, gas, plumbing, wifi, warm fuzzy socks, heat, and everything that helps you thrive and survive. You need to spend money in order to have these essential things and that’s just the truth. It’s also a truth that you shouldn’t restrain yourself from spending money on things that make you happy and fulfill your aspirations or Netflix binges.

You Will Find a Way to Make More Money

In order to have money, you need to work. Our society has pressured everyone about it. Who has a job, who doesn’t, who’s more successful, and who isn’t. It drives us crazy and at the end of the day, our paycheck can be the most rewarding or unsatisfying. We find work, we work hard, pay our dues, and live our lives. There will always be opportunities for you to make money in your life, so don’t worry about not having as much now.


You Will Always Have Debt

I’m in college, I live in an apartment in the city, and I have loans to pay. We all at some point in our lives have to be adults and borrow money from the bank so that we can become even more educated and make more money so we can pay back the bank. That’s how it works, right? You will always feel like you are broke at some point and it’s just a matter of making the right financial decisions.

It Teaches You Important Life Skills

Dealing with money is never a fun and exciting event, but it can teach you a lot about how to properly handle and manage it. I’ve definitely taught myself how to be smart with expenses and always make sure my account is secure. You never know, someone could rob you a week before a Miami vacation, and you freak out. Things like that happen all the time and it’s best to know how to take precaution and keep your cash safe.


It Makes You Grateful For What You Already Have

Trying to stretch twenty bucks in college on food, especially in the city of Chicago, takes skill. It also makes you think about the things you already own and what you wish you had. I’ve worn a lot of my clothes more because I wasn’t spending a ton on pieces I never ended up wearing. I saved money in doing so, and I can spend it on meaningful experiences like Panic! at the Disco that I’m going to see next week! It really comes down to what you prioritize most in your life and how you allow yourself to accept the things you already have.

Money comes and goes. Especially if you’re committed to finding means to make it. However, that doesn’t mean you need to obsess over it. Find gratitude in the more meaningful things you have in your life: food, shelter, warmth, friends, family, health, education, and the money will follow. It can consume us and make us freak out, but we can’t let the green paper manipulate us. Life is so much more worth living when you realize that “happiness” is not the same price as “red-bottoms”.