Why You Need to Stop Being Committed to Your Life and Start Living it

You see, there’s this thing about time that is very unforgiving. Life changes and you can’t even catch a breath.


This “ten-year challenge” has really made me realize that there are only so many more “ten years” left. In spite of the new year, everyone around me is in that “reflective mood”. Reminiscing on what was and hoping for something better to come.


What aches me, besides a quarter pint of Cherry Garcia I just ate while constructing my thoughts on this, is that we are so committed to the plans we have set for ourselves that we lose sight on the possibilities.



The possibility that maybe where we are now is the best it will ever be. We don’t stop and look around and just think to ourselves what a wonderful life we’re living until we find a reason to hate it and we hate others for their wonderful lives instead.


Time is scary. That’s a given. Everything we do is based on time. I wake up this, I go to work that, I go to yoga this, I eat dinner that.


When did paying attention to living our lives become so...taboo? It’s like everyone is ready to change themselves and forget to make the most of what they got. I may be speaking a different language, but one thing’s for sure, we have got to get off our feet and stop making tired excuses.