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Why You NEED to Add “The Good Place” to Your Netflix Binge List

Like everyone, I am a culprit of binge-watching tv shows in order to avoid doing my homework. However, after recently finishing “New Girl,” I was in desperate need of a new show. Thankfully, I came across “The Good Place,” and suffice to say, I finished it in nearly a week — I highly recommend “The Good Place” to be put on everyone’s Netflix watchlist, and here’s why.

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These days it seems almost impossible to come up with an original storyline — they’ve almost all been taken and used so creators are forced to put their own unique take on the storyline to make it different. However, “The Good Place” has managed to take a unique idea and create it into something new. 

I won’t give away too many spoilers but if you’re not yet aware, “The Good Place” takes place in the so called good place and bad place, a.k.a heaven and hell. When you watch the show, it’s quite interesting to see how the show interprets actual heaven and hell to be since it is a mystery to all humans. 


Have you ever started a show but then stopped midway because the storyline wasn’t compelling anymore? Well, that certainly doesn’t happen in “The Good Place.”. When I first watched the show I was surprised at my dire need to get to the next episode as quickly as I could but, then I understood why — a majority of the episodes leave you with cliffhangers. 

The episode ends by leaving you with a hook and the next takes place right where you left off! Honestly, after watching many shows that didn’t necessarily follow a timeline, that was quite refreshing to see. 

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Kristen Bell has had some pretty iconic roles in  “Gossip Girl,” “Veronica Mars,” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” and if you loved her in any of these you are sure to love her in “The Good Place.”

She’s an American sweetheart and truly connects with her character. Next, if you’re a fan of Maya Rudolph, who starred in “Bridesmaids,” “Grown-ups,” and “50 First Dates,” then you’re in for a treat as she stars in a bunch of episodes towards the final seasons. 


As a Film and Television major myself, I have always been taught that the film/story we are creating has to have meaning behind it. A viable story idea is great; however, if there is no meaning behind it then there is no point for anyone to watch it. 

“The Good Place” successfully incorporates meaning in their story by talking about the difference between good and bad. The show dives deep into moral conflicts and gets the characters to self reflect before our eyes. In turn, this leaves the audience to self reflect as well as we wonder if our own choices are morally ethical. 


Last but not least, the comedy in the show is absolutely golden. There are moments where you’ll laugh so hard and you just can’t breathe. Serious moments in the show are always often countered with a funny side remark from one of the characters. Also not to mention Adam Scott from “Parks and Recreation” makes a guest appearance in a perfect hilarious timely fashion!

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At the end of the day, this is a show to be put on everyone’s watchlist. If you are a fan of shows like “The Mick,” “The Office,” “Superstore,” “Parks and Recreation,” etc, then this is definitely the show for you. Go watch it, now!

Hi! My name is Leslie Torres and I am currently a freshman at DePaul University studying Film and Television. Some of my hobbies include reading, shopping, and meeting new people. Follow my Instagram @xx_lesliet_xx for more!
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