Why Virgo Men Ain't Sh*t

While I am not an expert in astrology, considering all of the negative news on Virgo men, and that I have only dated virgo men my entire life, they’re awful. Therefore, I can so judge your virgo man. Here are some reasons that Virgo men should not be trusted (unless you look at their complete birth chart first).

  1. 1. They. Are. So. Critical.

    A virgo man can find fault in anything you do. Sometimes it’s little quirks that he finds annoying, and he can learn to laugh at it. Though, sometimes it can be your deep insecurities, something that is totally not true, or something annoying that literally everyone does. I remember one time a virgo criticized me because I was mad at my friend, but then the next week I started hanging out with her again? As if he had never heard of talking through the issue and being friends again?!? The worst part of this is the second you criticize a Virgo, they deny everything.

  2. 2. They’re defensive af

    They are allowed to make claims about everyone’s life, but the second you say anything to them, even if it’s constructive, they shut down. It turns into an argument, and then suddenly they’re attacking the fact that you left the fridge open on Wednesday the 25th of April at 3:02 p.m. They are so detailed obsessed that they remember every single mistake and constantly remind you of it.

  3. 3. Having a confrontational conversation turns into an all-out war

    Maybe you have a concern and want to bring it up? Don’t. A virgo man will turn it into a screaming match, that will make you forget why you were mad in the first place. I feel like this is their trick to winning arguments. They may know that they are in the wrong, so if they scream a shit-ton, you’ll give up.

  4. 4. They seriously believe that everyone has to be like them

    They are typically neat people. They keep their room clean, which is nice to have around. However, if you are not as neat as them, they will never let you forget it. They constantly compare how you act to how they act. You either have to be like them, or just take the ridicule.

  5. 5. They are extremely jealous as significant others

    Considering they are detail-obsessed, they can be extremely jealous which can often come out as controlling. At any mention of an ex, and a Virgo will shut it down. They cannot fathom you having a past relationship. Also, a controlling Virgo will criticize their significant other for going to parties, because somehow this means they’ll cheat?

  6. 6. They are typically always ranked the lowest for male signs

    Multiple astrology websites, and random news feeds will mostly all ranked Virgo men as the worst. Their traits are just not ideal in a partner, especially if their entire birth chart causes them to be controlling. They are typically not well-liked by many people, and tend to keep to themselves. However, fear not if you are a Virgo man make sure to check out your entire birth chart to see how your other signs add up.