Top Eight Tips for DePaul Transfer Students



Being a transfer student can be hard. No one knows you, you don’t want to hang out with the freshman, and you can’t find anything on campus. Hopefully, these tips can make your first couple of weeks at DePaul as successful as possible!

1. Get to know your roommates.

These people will either become your best friends or your worst enemies, so start talking to them early! Whether you are living in the dorms or in an apartment off campus, you are guaranteed to be spending a lot of time with these people, so make the best of it!

2. Go to the involvement Fair.

It may be super overwhelming, but it is the best way to see all the great clubs DePaul has to offer. So sign up for as many as you can, and go to as many meetings as possible.

3. Get a job on or off campus.

I personally have a job off campus, and it is a great way to meet people who aren’t in the DePaul stratosphere. My job off campus not only makes me money, but gives me an outlet when I am overwhelmed by DePaul classes or clubs. Also, Chicago’s minimum wage is $11!

4. Explore the city.

Sometimes transferring is hard, but the best way to beat those transfer blues is to go out and explore this amazing city. Go downtown, to a new neighborhood, or whatever area you are interested in. Have fun!



5. Join a sorority.

I am currently going through recruitment right now and am loving it so far. I did not consider myself a “sorority girl” but I have already met so many great people. The transition as a transfer can be tough, and a sorority can provide you with a shoulder to cry on and a lot of great friends!

6. Talk to the people in your classes.

Don’t just ignore those people sitting next to you in your lecture, get to know them! Not only can they be great study buddies for midterms and finals, but also can give you information about the school you don’t know about.

7. Go to the different offices in the STU.

There are so many people in so many different offices that want you to get involved! Just walk around the STU, see what you are interested in, and walk in!

8. Take classes in the ray.

Not only do the classes at the ray help you get fit, but they expose you to new people with similar interests as you.