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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

Welcome to Her Campus at DePaul! We’ve been counting down the days till launch and we finally made it! You might be wondering why launch is such a big deal, let me teach you a history lesson on Her Campus. 

Three awesome women Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Annie Wang and Windsor Hanger Western met as undergrads at Harvard. They met while running a publication for women on campus. The publication grew in popularity with college women across the country asking for advice from our founders on how to start a publication like that at their schools. The trio came up with an idea to build something similar on a national level to serve college women everywhere. In 2009 they won Harvard’s business plan competition with their idea for Her Campus, they’ve been building the company into the number one media portfolio for college women ever since, and Her Campus Media remains 100% women-owned-and-operated today.

With 270 active Her Campus chapters on campuses across the country, DePaul is getting their chapter! The last time Her Campus at DePaul chapter was active was in 2021, with one of the last articles being Boystown Coffee Shop: Elevate Coffee Review, now we’re back and better than ever! Our first read of the semester written by mwah! 10 Celebrity Couples that Met on Screen, that Make Me Think You Can Talk to Your Campus Crush


Our executive board’s super excited to meet everyone at Her Campus at DePaul, with all of our teams being student ran, we have nine e-board members:

  • President- Hanna Lopez
  • Vice President/ Treasurer- Jiana Avila
  • Secretaries- Samira Morris and Nghi Quách
  • Writing team- Lauren Sheperd
  • Social Media and Publicity- Audrey Leib
  • Event team- Joeie Mercado and Marina Maldonado

Even though we officially launch today, our chapter has two events in the works with other groups on campus! We have four articles already released and our socials are here to keep you up date with everything! 


With over 1.2K followers on Instagram, our insta team makes sure to keep our users entertained, not only with the TikToks they post on our insta story but with these super cute post. Like c’mon this is super cute!!

X/ Twitter

On X, formerly known as Twitter we post updates on our chapter and articles we release throughout the week!


We’re planning on going viral this quarter (unless…), but for real follow us on TikTok because our e-board and TikTok team does a really good job posting trendy content!!

Hanna Lopez is a senior at DePaul University. She is a journalism major with a minor in television, radio and media. Before writing for Her Campus she wrote for Spoon University Her Campus's food publication as a national writer. She wrote reviews, a lot of how-to’s and even interviewed TikTok Foodie Faith Christensen on becoming TikTok famous and where she got her inspiration from because all of her recipes look super tasty. Outside of writing for Her Campus, Hanna has her own radio show on DePaul's radio station. A coffee enthusiast and barista (shocking), she loves trying different coffee places around Chicago. In her off time she likes going out with her boyfriend trying different breakfast diners around the suburbs. She has been a guest on WGN’s radio show with Lisa Dent and has an interest in political journalism and criminology. As the Campus Correspondent for HC at DePaul Hanna’s goal is for members to know they are making a difference not only on campus and writing for HC at DePaul but also outside of school. She hopes to show members that everyone in the chapter is valued and wants to make sure they know that HC at DePaul will always be inclusive student media!