Stop Reducing Sororities By Saying That It’s Paying For Friends

The Price Tag

Okay, yes - being in a sorority can be very expensive, but here at DePaul, we don't have houses, so our dues are greatly reduced. We do pay for events and t-shirts, but they in no way pay for the genuine connection I have with my sisters.

Social Media

Social media is the biggest culprit of the teasing, with endless “me: says nothing... sorority girls: omg I would jump in front of a bus for my big” and “sorority girl on insta: omg yaaasss bitch you are my queen”. And even though my big is literally my favorite person to walk this earth, and I have indeed commented “queen” on her posts, I don't really think that some 23-year-old man on twitter should be able to reduce my sisters by saying that I pay for them.


Also, sororities do an amazing amount of good. Every sorority sponsors a charity, and year after year they do fundraising for the same foundation, raising thousands for the cause. Through amazing events, we bring students and the Greek community together for support. Plus, it's fun and you gain great experiences and memories.

Long story short, I was a transfer student, and the idea of making friends again was terrifying. All being in a sorority did was connect me with girls that I would've been friends with anyway. I will be forever thankful for the people in my sorority and the friendships I gained from it. So, before you decide to bash the girls in Greek letters, remember there are like,150 of us, and we ARE always there for one another.

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