The Start of Senior Year by Parks and Rec

Senior year is the best of times...and the worst of times. You finally have convinced the world you know what you’re doing. You have decided what major you’re going to graduate with….and maybe go to graduate school right after to correct that mistake. You have your squad that had been through thick and thin. They’ve been through your trials and tribulations and have stuck with you anyway. However, starting off your last year before official adulthood can be rough….



But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It’s a whirlwind of emotions, sure. But, they tell me that it’ll all be worth it. Being a senior at university means….

...starting the last firsts.

...loving the fact that this is your last fall quarter having to go to the bookstore.

...but realizing that this time next year you’ll have rent.

...losing all your summer savings because this is the last time you’ll get to do your welcome back tour.

...that you’re feeling sentimental about not wanting to miss a thing. So you end up listening to Donna and Tom more often than not…

...going to your 400 levels and trying to keep your cool.

...thinking you have it all figured out.

...but having to call your mom for reassurance when you realize that you might not.


...when you’re reminded that you’re going to have to become an adult in 9 months.

...finally finding the best study spots that the freshman haven’t ruined yet.

...rolling into class without a shower after those all nighters because it’s not on the syllabus.

...getting e-mails to apply for graduation and not feeling the urge to vomit.

...when your unassigned assigned seat is occupied at the end of week three…

...getting anxious about the fact that your classmates already have post-grad jobs lined up.

...feeling personally offended when a professor wants to assign group work.

....wanting to stop the clock and stay at DePaul but also stop taking classes so you can really enjoy it.

...having the best and worst times ever. Taking pictures that you’ll never show social media. Figuring out how happy you can truly be when you have your support system behind you and the rest of your life ahead of you.