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As the weather in Chicago finally starts to turn and creep into full fall-territory, I can’t help but embrace the new beginnings that autumn promises to bring. I’ve often heard this narrative reversed with echoes of “Winter makes me depressed” and the empty shipping box of a vitamin D lamp sitting next to my freshman year dorm’s recycling.

The concept of ‘seasonal depression’ isn’t revolutionary and relies on the environmental changes that accompany colder seasons, like shorter daylight hours and lower temperatures, to explain the winter day blues. We all long for summer, right? 

My experience with seasonal depression seems to reverse these feelings as I greet the first chill of the season with open arms. The first snowfall instantly improves my mood, and I proudly don a knee-length parka and checkered scarf in celebration. I love warm apple cider and thick socks and candles— the list really could go on, but I think you understand my point. 

I think winter weather correlates with my introverted tendencies such as spending a night- in watching movies rather than staying out late in the summer heat, and being able to escape the sheer amount of sweat that is omnipresent during a humid August day. Something about the crisp air seems to excuse my late-night binge sessions of Gilmore Girls and copious amounts of peanut butter cookies. 

I don’t mean to say that I dislike summer, but something about the time from December-March just hits different. I welcome fall as a season of its own, but also as a transitionary period into the colder months. You will definitely catch me rocking a flannel and chunky sweater in these coming weeks, but just know that I will be desperately checking the weather app to see when I can make my final transformation into the winter-loving gal I am with some heavier gear. 

Try and enjoy these next few weeks of fall, whether you’re looking forward to winter or not; Halloween is coming soon along with all of the spooky season festivities. If you’re in the midst of midterms right now, try and carve out that time to enjoy the season, whether that be a brisk walk around the block or a daily pumpkin spice latte (also can we hear a little commotion for a chai latte with vanilla cold foam?).

If anything, embrace the comfy weather with a little time around loved ones and some cozy fall tunes; you can catch me on my morning train listening to the Fleet Foxes and Carole King, living my main-character life during my early commute. 

For those of us who enjoy the introduction into winter weather, you’re not alone! And if you’re just excited for fall and spooky season, I’m with you too. 

Olivia Muran

DePaul '22

I’m an undergrad student at DePaul studying English Literature with a minor in communication and media studies. I’m an editor for Her Campus DePaul and a peer tutor at DePaul’s Writing Center. My hobbies include cooking, binging new tv shows, and exploring new restaurants around the city.
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