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Resolutions to Keep You from the Winter Quarter Slump

While fall quarter is the fun beginning to a new school year, reuniting with your college friends, and once again sitting in the quad, spring quarter is the start of the end of the school year where the weather starts warming up and you can practically taste summer break. Yet, winter quarter remains dark, cold, and seemingly the longest three months during the school year. The combination of only nine hours of daylight, below freezing temperatures, and not even a holiday to look forward to has me on the fast track for a winter quarter slump. It just makes me want to lay in bed all day. But, there are three new year’s resolutions that can easily keep you from getting into this slump in more ways than one.



1. Going to the Gym

I’m sure almost every person at one time or another has made a New Years resolution to hit the gym. While you may have finally stopped yourself from the disappointment this year of working out for the first week and then never seeing the Ray again, it may be time to put it back on your list. Not only is it healthy for you, but deciding to even go to just one class a week can be beneficial in so many ways. It essentially starts a “good habit cycle” in which it forces you to actually leave your home and be a productive human being, which makes you then want to continue to be productive for the rest of the day. It also takes an entire block of time out of your day, meaning you can’t procrastinate on that essay anymore.



2. Eating Healthier

One of my own resolutions is the most popular resolution for 2019, according to Inc.com. This resolution doesn’t just help you lose weight, but it can actually make you mentally feel better as well when you start swapping nightly Ben & Jerry’s for some strawberries. Plus, if you focus on meal prepping in order to stick to the resolution, this forces you to start creating planning out your week in advance, not just for meals, but most likely for your schoolwork as well. When you can remember that it’s week 6, you’ll probably remember that huge essay due during week 6.



3. Spending Time with friends & family

If you are part of the 13% of people with this resolution on your list, know that it is a realistic way to stop the winter quarter slump. Not only does it block out time in your schedule, forcing you to no longer procrastinate because you just will not have the time, but it also keeps you involved in things that make you happy. By spending time with people that you enjoy, this automatically makes you happier and less likely to stay holed up in your room when it’s cold outside when you have plans that force you to get out.


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