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#RepealThe19th: 5 Other Things Women Don’t Need

On Tuesday, FiveThirtyEight published two polls on their website that showed the possible outcome of the presidential election if only one gender could vote. The results in a male-only election favored Donald Trump while a female-only election favored Hillary Clinton. These results prompted Trump supporters to start using the hashtag #RepealThe19th in support of taking away women’s right to vote. We decided to make it easier on Trump supporters and suggest a few other things that women could do without.

1. That extra 23 cents

You know that pesky wage gap? Where a woman is likely to make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes? Well you can just forget about that other 23 cents because, let’s face it, that 77 cents is already too much.

2. Jobs

You know what? We don’t even need that 77 cents to begin with because our husbands are already making a dollar. Besides, we are going to be leaving work every nine months to fulfill our true purpose anyway.

3. Any other rooms in the house ​

We spend all our time in the kitchen and other rooms would just be too much for us to handle. Just give us a blanket and pillow, and we’ll make it work.

4. A Driver’s License

We are just going to crash that car anyway, so we might as well just save ourselves some time and money. Besides, what do we need the car for? We have too much cooking and laundry to do to leave the house.

5. Any rights at all

I mean, we are only 50% of the population and who really needs true democracy? Not us!

So go ahead Trump supporters! ‘Make America Great Again’ and take us back to the time when women had no rights at all. That was better for all of us!

Bailley is a PR & Advertising major from the great state of Minnesota and will remind you every chance she gets. She is a self-proclaimed doughnut enthusiast, an avid reader, and a fan of witty comedy. You can catch Bailley caffeinating the world as a barista or desperately applying for copywriting internships.
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