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An Ode to Our Residence Halls (and a Goodbye)

Let’s face it, we all have a love/hate/despise/adore-ish relationship with our residence halls. And we have been counting down the days until we move into an apartment since (well…the first week honeymoon phase wore off). But now, with the year closing in, the realization that once we leave, we leave for good is beginning to set in and we aren’t sure if we are ready to part (though we are most definitely ready to have a normal sized fridge).

Nonetheless, there are many experiences that are unique to dorm living that must be acknowledged and remembered.

Your designated stall. There is nothing more strange than living with communal bathrooms, so in order to make yourself feel more at home, you chose a stall on the move-in day and haven’t wavered since. And that stall has seen you in many different states… oh the memories.

Your roommates. They have seen you at your best, your worst, and your weirdest. They deserve an award for putting up with your ish and not slapping you every time you’ve sleep talked to them.

Your sketchy lamp (or whatever you duct taped together to avoid buying again). Let’s be honest, you’d rather spend your money on food than a new lamp. So this will just have to do.

Your RA’s and their constant reminders to be quiet. It’s not your fault that you are naturally a loud, talkative person.

The terrible staircase. The one you had to climb Every. Single. Day. Multiple times a day.

Your shower stall. Once again, you’ve gotta make yourself at home, so you’ve chosen your own shower stall. And after weeks of less-than-lukewarm showers, you’ve discovered just how hard you have to push down the shower handle to get scalding hot water.

The shower music battles. I was playing music first. K.

Late night hallway conversations with your floormates. Because sometimes you’ve gotta vent.

The floormates whose names you don’t know, so you and your friends identify them with their celebrity alter egos. Let’s see, there’s Lindsay Lohan, Tori Kelly, The Weeknd and Adele with black hair.

Dance parties to Fergalicious with your roomies. You know how to get down.

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