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Niall Horan Album Review


Niall Horan had a lot to prove with his first solo album after One Direction’s hiatus, and with Flicker he truly exceeded expectations. His first solo song from the album, “This Town” was released over a year ago on September 20, 2016, creating an anticipation for his debut album. The single peaked at #6 on the Billboard chart with its acoustic sound and fans first look at Niall without his band mates. “Slow Hands,” his upbeat summer jam, was released as the second single on May 4, 2017, and peaked at #3 on the Billboard chart. Just over a month ago the singer released the third single, “Too Much to Ask” on September 15 with a music video. From these singles, fans were anxiously awaited an album for some time as the singer hinted at a release date for months.

Niall’s debut solo album was released on October 20, 2017 after spending a week giving his fans snippets of the songs on the album on social media. Along with the album release comes an exclusive film on Apple Music about Horan’s making of the album and all the behind the scenes details. Flicker has a mixture of upbeat and slower songs that, unsurprisingly, stick to the singers usual style of music. Tomorrow morning when you’re getting ready please play the first track “On The Loose” and thank me later as it is the perfect wake up bop. The album includes slower ballads as well including “Paper Towns” and “Flicker” for those train rides back from the Loop that make you feel like you’re in a music video. And when you’re tired of love songs and being the third wheel listen to “On My Own” for some serious reminder as why you’re single.

The album may have been what fans were expecting, and each track is amazing and truly shows off Horan’s vocal talent. With each song I find myself surprised at the incredible voice the singer possess, making him sound like a singer and not just an “ex-boyband member.” Do yourself a favor and listen to this album the next time you’re on the train, or walking down the street, or doing anything because this is the perfect album for fall.

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