My Kind-Of Solo Spring Break Trip

I’m going on a spring break trip alone - well, kind of.

I’m going to visit one of my best friends who lives in Los Angeles, California. I won’t constantly be alone because I’m going to spending time with her, but she does have class every night so I will be - you guessed it - going solo for that time.

I have been looking forward for this trip for months and I cannot wait to spend ten days with my best friend. But I’m also looking forward to the times where she has class because I’ll get the experience of exploring a new city all on my own.

I’ve flown alone but have never toured a place I haven’t been, so I’m excited about all the possibilities. It will be nice to see what it’s like to adventure at my own pace. Solo travel means you get to do what you want on your terms with no time constraints.

I will have to ask my friend what she recommends I do while she is in class. She has a way better sense of what to do in LA because she lives there! On Fridays she has class a majority of the day, so I booked a massage for the first Friday I’m there. It felt deserving after a long quarter and finals week. It’s good to treat yourself occasionally, especially when you’re going somewhere out of your comfort zone.

Some would feel judged going somewhere alone for spring break, but I believe they should look at the opportunities. You may not be getting overpriced drinks at an airport bar before hopping on the plane with your friends, but when you’re alone there’s so much more time for reflection. Being alone is the best way to get to know yourself. This would only be enhanced by traveling alone because you would be out of your comfort zone.

Challenging yourself will only help you grow. In life you should definitely go on vacations with friends - that’s how you deepen relationships and create life-lasting memories! But you should also take solo trips because it gives you time for introspection. It may seem overwhelming and scary, but have faith in yourself: you’re more capable than you think.

I’m so excited to see LA as both a tourist and a local (my best friend). Getting to experience things alone as well as with someone I love will be unforgettable. This is my first crack at solo travel and I can’t wait for it. LA, here I come!