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My First Semester at DePaul: A Transfer Student’s Tale

Transfer students are a special group of college individuals. We pretty much know the ropes of college and are experts at cramming for midterms and finals. Much like freshmen, we are also introduced to a whole new experience, especially if transferring from a small community college like myself. Campus size increases and so do opportunities.

I was excited to finally live the traditional “college experience” while simultaneously studying in the beautiful city of Chicago! With my first quarter at DePaul coming to a close, let me share with you some of the thoughts I’ve had throughout the fall quarter:

”I’ve never met these people before. I’ve never lived on my own. I can’t cook. Help!”

Although privacy is limited and living with two other chicks you have little in common with is tough at times, I absolutely adore my little space! It’s liberating to come and go as you please. Apartment style dorms are a great way to ease into living on your own. Not to mention, having my own little kitchen is pretty badass. As for the whole roommate situation, I’ve accepted the fact that we will never reach bff status and I’m perfectly okay with that. It’s great to live with people who are different from you; it’s a learning experience. I’ve learned that my roommates are as obsessed with the Blackhawks as I am with Harry Styles and that one of my roommates eats gluten free. But, we’re all on the same transfer student struggle bus.

”I’m so glad I joined this organization!”

Being new and shy is a scary combo. But lemme tell you, it’s hella fun and important to find at least one organization on campus and dedicate some time to it. As a transfer student, it is especially difficult to make friends when many students have already formed their “crew.” Being active on campus has led me to meet some rad individuals and it’s so exciting to be a part of big events on campus (#FEST2016)!

”The city is magical; I wanna live here forever!”

I feel #blessed that I get to go to a school in the wonderful city of Chicago! Riding into the city on the CTA with the skyline in sight doesn’t get old. I get the best of both worlds: typical college environment in Lincoln Park and a hustle and bustle vibe in the Loop. I can choose if I want to study in the Quad or at Grant Park! #WIN

”I just started classes, what do you mean it’s already time for winter quarter registration!?”

It’s nearing the end of October which means it’s already time to plan for winter quarter! I’m freaking out over what classes to take and what’s even scarier is having internships looming in the background. One step closer to having a big girl job!

”So many opportunities, so little time (and money)”

DePaul puts you in the path of many opportunities. It can certainly be overwhelming when you want to do so many things but are on a budget. The great thing is that many activities or trips are little to no cost. There are also multiple ways to pay for a service immersion trip or study abroad program.

So let’s get out there and make the most of our time here!


Kayla is my name, and I'm an avid fangirl of many things, which is probably not acceptable at 23. I love brownies, ice cream, and brownies in ice cream. I also enjoy the fry of the week at the STU. Oh yea, and I study communication and media. DePaul University '17
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