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Movies I Am Most Excited for in 2019

I am a huge movie buff. I love movies so much that it’s part of what I’m studying here at college. There are so many films that are coming out within the next 10 months that I am SO excited to see! This list is just some of the ones I want to see, but trust me, there are many more. The movies are listed in order of their release date.

Captain Marvel – March 8th

Academy Award Winner Brie Larson playing a superhero in a female-centered Marvel movie? That’s all I need to see this film. Plus, Captain Marvel may be the savior of the Thanos chaos. Queen.

Avengers: Endgame – April 26th​

This movie is without a doubt what I am most excited to see. I am a huge Marvel fan, so I am beyond excited, nervous, and curious to see how the story and lives of the superheroes will play out after the emotional rollercoaster that was Infinity War. I genuinely don’t know if I can emotionally prepare for Endgame, and I have no idea what is going to happen, but I am so beyond excited to see what unfolds in this movie.

Aladdin – May 24th​

I’m going to be honest. The trailers I have seen don’t look amazing, but as a Disney fan and Aladdin fan, I still want to go and see it. I want to see how they tell this famed story in live action, so I want to go in with an open mind and treat it as its own thing and try not to compare it too much to the original. So really, most of my excitement for this film is the curiosity on what it will be like.

Toy Story 4 – June 21st​


I was kind of surprised when they announced there would be a fourth installment of this franchise, as Toy Story 3 truly felt like the perfect end to what was presumed to be a trilogy. I loved the Toy Story films so much, so I’m excited and curious to see what this movie entails. Bo Peep also makes her reappearance, as she was not in Toy Story 3, where it was hinted that she was sold or donated. We didn’t get to see much of her, and she was always a character I really liked. She was also Woody’s love interest, so I am interested to see their relationship in this fourth film.

Yesterday – June 28th​


I didn’t know this movie existed until about a week ago when I saw the trailer on Facebook. I watched it and was immediately intrigued. It’s about an up and coming singer/songwriter who wakes up one morning to discover that the world doesn’t know who The Beatles are, so he decides to perform the discography of the band and make it appear that the songs are his own. This plot is super original, features the iconic music of The Beatles, and stars my queen and ultimate girl crush, Lily James.

Spider-Man: Far From Home – July 5th


Yes, another Marvel movie. But I am so excited for the second film with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. I’m obviously excited to see how the story unfolds in relation to Infinity War, but also because Spidey is tied for my favorite superhero, and Tom Holland is my #1 celebrity crush.

The Lion King – July 19th

The original Lion King is without a doubt one of the best Disney films of all time, and the trailer for the new “live-action” version did not disappoint. With the combination of an all-star voice cast, updated CGI animation, and the incredible soundtrack, I am beyond excited for this “live-action” update, so I have high expectations. 

Frozen 2 – November 22nd


Finally, there’s the sequel to the mega-successful Disney film Frozen. The teaser trailer was recently released, and while it’s still unclear what the plot is, the tone and general feel seem a lot darker and “edgier” than the first. I am excited to learn more information about the film as the year goes on and seeing the final product once it is released.

2019 is a big year for new movies, and I am beyond excited to delve into all of them and enjoy all that Hollywood has to offer.
Sadie is co- Campus Correspondent for Her Campus DePaul. She is a proud Wisconsinite double majoring in Journalism and Media and Cinema Studies. She is a cheese-loving lactose intolerant, musical theater nerd, movie buff, and cat lady. If you ever need to know unnecessary random facts about celebrities or want a live reenactment of every episode of The Office, she's your gal.
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