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The Most Important Things to Know Going into Freshman Year

My first year of college is coming to an end. I made almost all of my friends in the dorms, and I have learned a lot about being a considerate person. I had never shared a room until this year.


Here are 5 things that I learned from my first year in the dorms.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

When I moved here, my roommate was the only person I knew. We spent a lot of time together at the beginning of our first quarter, but eventually, we made other friends, which actually brought us closer together. Now that we don’t see each other as often, we are able to have better conversations.

Go out and talk to the people on your floor

I met my best friends in the dorms. First quarter, I was somewhat reclusive. I never tried to meet new people on my floor. Back home, I had the same friends since middle school, so I had never had to meet new people. But when I branched out, I met so many wonderful people that I am so thankful to call my friends.

Keep your dorm clean

When my friends would walk into my dorm, they would always be so shocked because of how clean it was. My roommate and I never have to ask each other to clean something. When we would see something messy, we would just clean it straightaway. It’s okay if your side of the room is messy, but if it’s a shared space, just keep it tidy.

Homesickness is REAL

I could not go home on the weekends, so I missed my family a lot. I wish that I would have appreciated all the time I had with them before I left for school. FaceTime your parents.


Brittany Kulla is a DePaul sophomore studying journalism and Arabic studies.
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