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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

Miss Americana once again stopped by to watch real football, attending the Chiefs-Jets game at MetLife Stadium in New York last weekend. Unlike last weekend, Taylor Swift was joined by several of her oldest (and most famous) friends, pushing the National Football League even further into pop culture relevancy.

In the midst of rumors about Swift and Travis Kelce, the two-time Superbowl Champion tight-end for the Kansas City Chiefs, she has made two consecutive appearances cheering on her possible new man. 

Swift’s presence seems to not only have a positive effect on Kelce, who got his second touchdown of the season with Swift watching, but also on the NFL as a whole. Following her first appearance on the field, seemingly confirming her relationship with Kelce, there was a 400% increase in Kelce jersey sales. 

Her appearances have also caused Swifties war flashbacks to the Eras Tour as prices to last weekend’s Chiefs-Jets game leaped up 175% on StubHub once it was reported she would be in attendance. 

For those of us unfortunate enough to miss Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, Sabrina Carpenter, and Swift herself on Sunday, the NFL made sure to get plenty of footage of her. Introducing your friends to your new guy is intimidating enough, doing it in a stadium with a capacity of 82,500 makes Swift eligible for a U.S. Medal of Honor in my book. Though, to be fair, her fling with Matty Healey set the bar pretty low.

Though Swift is certainly used to all of this attention, it’s strange for the NFL. Swift’s second appearance made the Chiefs-Jets game the most watched since Super Bowl Sunday earlier this year, peaking at 29.4 million viewers.

Swift’s appearance alone may not be able to take all the credit her friends made sure to share lots of photos and create lots of memorable moments throughout the night.

Fans were happy to see an ecstatic Swift cheering on the Chiefs, whispering to Blake Lively (possibly about Kelce), and just enjoying her new relationship without the secrecy of her past relationships. 

Going forward this is likely the beginning of Swift’s football era and when looking at her enthusiasm for the sport (or maybe just for Kelce, the explosion in ratings and sales for the NFL and all the new Taylor content, it appears that for once, everyone is winning (except the Bears).

Simran Bains (she/her) and is in her second year at DePaul studying Political Science and Applied Diplomacy with minors in Chinese and History! She is also a barista at Starbucks and has been for over two years! She is a first-gen Punjabi Sikh and was born in Princeton, NJ but grew up near Memphis, TN on the TN-MS border. When not studying or making coffee she can be found learning languages (she is fluent in 7!) or rewatching Gilmore Girls. She loves all things early 2010s Pop Culture and can share her thoughts on any celebrity gossip at the drop of a hat. She currently lives in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, but is frequently in Austin, TX visiting her boyfriend and attempting to steal his cat, Clementine who she claims now belongs to both of them.