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Simran Bains

DePaul '26

Simran Bains (she/her) and is in her second year at DePaul studying Political Science and Applied Diplomacy with minors in Chinese and History! She is also a barista at Starbucks and has been for over two years! She is a first-gen Punjabi Sikh and was born in Princeton, NJ but grew up near Memphis, TN on the TN-MS border.

When not studying or making coffee she can be found learning languages (she is fluent in 7!) or rewatching Gilmore Girls. She loves all things early 2010s Pop Culture and can share her thoughts on any celebrity gossip at the drop of a hat. She currently lives in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, but is frequently in Austin, TX visiting her boyfriend and attempting to steal his cat, Clementine who she claims now belongs to both of them.