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I can’t believe it’s already getting to week 5 of the quarter. I honestly never saw us coming back on campus. As much as I hated that we went remote by the end of my first quarter of transferring to DePaul, I was enjoying getting out of bed and logging onto Zoom right when class was about to start. I enjoyed working from the comfort of my own home with endless access to the bathroom and snack breaks. 

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks readjusting to in-person classes. I forgot about the physical and mental strain of commuting and communicating. And on top of both, carrying a bookbag and stress through the day. Nevertheless, I love the easy access to social events, engaging with new people, and the absolute silence of the fourth floor library. It’s a transition I thought would be effortless compared to the hectic and confusing transition to online classes in a confined room. 

Perhaps it’s laziness. Perhaps it’s fear. But I can transparently say that I need to make better routine decisions and commit to discipline to make the most out of being back on campus before we, if we, move to zoom university. This feeling of dread and lack of motivation has long been present since pre-pandemic days due to being a new student. I was caught up in the comfort and flexibility of virtual learning that I have not prepared nor reserved the energy needed to be successful for in-person classes. I fear that the effort to do so will be in vain if there’s a possibility of returning to Zoom classes, and I will have to transition, again. I want the changes that I seek for my daily morning routines to reinforce the energy I need to carry out the actions that need it. Waking up at a time when I can shower and eat breakfast without feeling rushed, perhaps get a workout in, and maybe journaling. That kind of discipline in a morning routine will definitely help out in feeling better and comfortable on campus. 

At the end of the day, we are still living through a pandemic, and it is only realistic to expect that possibility. This past month, I learned that I enjoy my evening classes more in order to enjoy my mornings sleeping in, but also to gain enough energy for classes and afternoon events. As someone whose commute is about 45 minutes to an hour, I like having enough time to mentally prepare myself for a day of engagement, and I’d currently rather start at 1PM than the 7AM I’m currently doing. This is where reflection of the self helps to figure out the best route one can take in terms of timing of classes when transitioning to in-person classes to ensure it is a successful quarter.

It’s important we not only take care of our well-being, but also make the most out of in-person opportunities. For those who are going through it, we’ll be okay, and we’ll keep the grind up. For those who have tackled the return since the beginning, I admire you and please share your tips. We got this! 

Hey! My name is Jennifer Delgado, and I'm a 3rd year majoring in Communication & Media. On my free time, I love to hang out with family and friends, journal, shop, and watch TikToks!
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