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Madeline Happold Has a Way With Words

Managing editor at 14 East, Madeline Happold has a way with words. She captivates readers not only with the stories she tells, but how she tells them. She’s dedicated, determined and extremely skilled at brainstorming ideas (we have Madeline to credit for 14 East’s podcast name: 14 Speaks).

But more than that, Madeline puts her heart into everything thing she does, whether it’s the stories she tells, the organizations she leads, or the projects she executes. She fearlessly dives into new waters, innovating, creating, and inviting new opportunities her way.

A few weeks ago, on the heels of her final two quarters at DePaul,  Madeline took time to answer a few of my questions. Meet the unstoppable Madeline Happold, managing editor at 14 East Magazine, co-editor in chief at Shredded, and tutor at the writing center.

As the new managing editor of the young 14 East Magazine, what has your experience been building a magazine from the ground up?

Working with 14 East has definitely taught me the importance of persistence and determination. If you are enthusiastic about what you’re working on then others will want to be involved, too, and will be interested in the work you share. Starting a new project also takes teamwork, and 14 East is lucky to have great editors, writers, and staff members that share the same drive and direction to make it happen!

What makes 14 East Magazine stand out against other online publications?

I’m always floored by the investigative pieces 14 East publishes. We really try to extend beyond the university to cover stories in the Chicagoland area since it’s our affecting surroundings. We’ve published pieces covering Statesville Penitentiary and prisoner’s rights, Chicago doulas, gender politics, and even unpacking the Milo Yiannopoulos protests. I think our diverse coverage and drive to uncover truth really sets us apart from other publications.

You’re also co-editor in chief at Shredded Magazine.

Yeah! Shredded Magazine was started by my friend Megan, who is also a journalism major, and me after taking some classes together. We thought, why can’t we do this now? Shredded, only a little over a year old, has since blossomed as an online publication featuring news, creative writing, short films and more with mostly a DIY Chicago base. We’ve covered Pitchfork Music Festival, the Chicago Women’s March, and collaborated with iO Theatre. It’s pretty grassroots, but really we are just interested in covering underrepresented stories and creative work. I wanted it to be a creative space where people felt welcome and open to share their work.

Are you involved in any other activities on campus?

I’m also a peer tutor at DePaul’s writing center, a member of the creative writing club, Writer’s Block, and member of Sigma Tau Delta, DePaul’s English Honors Society chapter!

Wow. You do it all. How do you balance everything?

A lot of it comes to organization. I make sure to plan out my weeks and make note of important dates in a planner. Having a set time for various activities helps as well, so when I’m in class I’m focusing on my studies, at work focusing on work, and when at 14 East focusing on the magazine. Also knowing your own schedule and work capacity helps as to make sure you aren’t taking on too much!

As you move into your last two quarters at DePaul, what was your favorite experience in college?

Honestly, transferring. I attended Villanova University before transferring to DePaul my sophomore year, and it was the best decision for me. It was a major transition, but recognizing I needed a change and acting on these feelings lead me to the perfect school. I think my favorite experience was the realization that I truly felt at home at DePaul while walking on campus fall quarter of my sophomore year.

Looking to the future, after you graduate in the spring, what is your dream job?

Probably to being an editor at a magazine that allows me to be flexible with the stories I am interested in covering, whether it be music, fashion, women’s rights, etc. while also helping contribute to design or print. Some magazines that interest me are Nylon, Interview, Teen Vogue, Glamour, New Yorker, The Atlantic, Bitch Magazine  — really a weird mix.

What advice do you have for young journalism students at DePaul?

Get involved! DePaul is great because we are located within the city, so there are plenty of internship opportunities with small publications and even larger ones such The Sun-Times, Tribune, and Chicago Mag. Involvement on-campus is also great because school publications are always looking for more contributors, writers, and editors (cough write for 14 East cough).



Fast Facts:

What are you studying? English Literature/Journalism with a Spanish minor

Favorite movie: 10 Things I Hate About You

Favorite food: Grilled tofu

Favorite color: Black & blue like a bruise

Favorite artist(s)/band(s): I’ll choose one of each, Nirvana and Mitski

Favorite song at the moment: Dissolve by Marissa Nadler

Favorite quote: “I am, I am, I am” from Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar

Favorite class thus far at DePaul: Major Authors: T.S. Eliot with Eric Selinger

Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke

Twitter or Instagram? Instagram for sure

Night in or Night out? Night in… is that lame?

Concerts or Movies? Concerts!

Saver or Spender? Big spender

Go to clothing piece? Tight black turtleneck

You have a free night, what do you do? Go for a night walk with headphones or a pal

Guilty pleasure? One Direction

What are you binge watching right now? Sons of Anarchy

DePaul '19 Journalsim, Public Relations and Advertising major. Diet coke is my favorite & so is eating in general. Watching Scandal, Once Upon a Time & listening to Demi Lovato are my pass times.
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