Lincoln Park Minute X EWC

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This post was made in partnership with European Wax Center®

Say hello again to Meghan McAllister, a campus celebrity and blogger of the Lincoln Park Minute, an autobiographical life and style blog founded on January 15, 2015. Meghan is currently in her last year of being a full-fledged Blue Demon and will graduate fully decorated in internships and proud of her podcast in partnership with WhatRUWearing!

McAllister’s blog talks about the latest trends –such as, this fall’s boldest trend- brows. Armed with products from the European Wax Center®’s Strut Boldly™ collection, Meghan isn’t missing out on this fall’s beauty trend and has been selected as one of six beauty bloggers to get a chance to travel to LA and meet POPSUGAR’s beauty editorial team. Read more about her, in our exclusive interview with this beauty maven, to hear why she deserves your vote:

Her Campus DePaul: Since you last sat down with HC, what have we missed?

Meghan McAllister: A LOT! Since the last time I talked with HC, I’ve had a lot more success. My Instagram has grown to over 20,000 followers and I’ve had a lot of collaborations I’m proud of. My next big move is to make it to NYFW next fall.

HC DePaul: How many hours a week are spent perfecting your craft on the Lincoln Park Minute?

MM: I’d say I spend about 6-8 hours a week on Lincoln Park Minute combined. Of course, some weeks are less busy and some are more busy than others. Those weeks are spent brainstorming content, strategizing for social media, writing content, shooting necessary photos, planning blog and social posts, etc. There’s certainly plenty to keep me busy!

HC DePaul: Given that you cover lifestyle and fashion in your blog, what would you say the boldest fall fashion trend of 2016 is?

MM: The boldest fall trend for 2016 is velvet! Though it can be incorporated subtlety, it's definitely a bit bold since it's such a new trend. 

HC DePaul: We’ve all yearned to have beautiful skin and gorgeous brows. What drew you in to participate in the European Wax Center® contest?

MM: I was drawn to the PopSugar/EWC contest because I actually LOVE EWC. It’s the one place I always come back to get my eyebrows waxed, even if I had since strayed. All of their employees know what they’re doing and make the whole experience really enjoyable even though it’s something that’s physically painful. 

HC DePaul: What was your initial reaction to being selected as one of the top bloggers?

MM: My initial reaction was surprise! And then excitement. I wasn’t at all expecting to be chosen so I think at first I was just very surprised. 

HC DePaul: What would you like to tell our readers to showcase that you deserve this bold adventure to LA?

MM:  I think I deserve this trip to LA because of how true to myself I stay. I also work incredibly hard to make LPM what it is so to be rewarded with this title, trip, and overall opportunity would really mean the world to me. 

Vote for Meghan now through November 4, 2016 to send her on the ultimate bold fall adventure courtesy of European Wax Center® and POPSUGAR