A Letter to Mother Nature

Photo Courtesy of Justwitterthings


Dear Mother Nature,

I know there are only two seasons in Chicago (winter and construction season), but could I just get a little bit more sunshine? Construction hasn’t started yet, but winter seems like it should be over. With the polar vortex, I had enough cold and wind to last my whole life. Every day, I am teased with nice warm days that turn to rainy weeks or snowy days. I have this outfit that would shine in the summer weather, but those days have yet to come and stay. Every day I pass the rompers and sundresses due to the warmth not being here to stay. I keep playing my summer playlist in hopes you could give me a day to match those upbeat tunes, but I am like the groundhog waiting for his shadow. Speaking of which, I thought it was supposed to be spring sooner rather than six more weeks of winter? Seems like it has been much longer for either. I don’t know if I believe in that myth.

I spent all winter stuck in my dorm room with one wish on my mind: will the sun ever shine? It did not matter the time of day, I wished and hoped the rain and snow would stay away. Slowly the snow had finally melted and the flowers began to sprout. I noticed butterflies starting to come out. People in the quad, hammocks being brought out, all was destroyed when the clouds came back out. “Rain rain, go away, come back another day," I sang. 

Photo Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune


Green grass and blue skies are the kinds of things I want in my life. Reading outside is one of the many activities I like. Waiting to lay by the lake is making my heartbreak. Sun warming the skin before having to jump in. The cool sand along with my hands. I know I still have some time before the heat makes my hair a frizzy mess, but with this boring weather, I am feeling down and depressed. Summer is my favorite season because school is out and I am just having fun in the sun. The days are longer so I can enjoy the light longer, and the nights are so much calmer. Smores, weddings, and camp are among the few things I look forward to most.      

By the time this letter reaches you, there is a good chance the sun will be out for good. You’ll pretend that winter did not happen when we get a hotter summer than expected. I wish Chicago had real seasons like other places I know, but oh well. I will continue to wear short sleeves and spring clothes in rebellion because eventually the rain will go away and summer will be here to stay. Maybe one day I will get all the seasons during the appropriate time instead of piled into one. Hopefully, the rain and snow can leave soon, I really have been missing the sun, and I know I am not the only one. Maybe the weather will change to be in my favor. If that were to happen that would be a real lifesaver. Instead, I will wait with the summer songs on my mind, hoping that the warm weather will be here in soon enough time. Please weather, make up your mind.


  Your Sunshine Daughter