Kacey Musgraves Made Me Love Country Music...Again

Something that is not always easy for me to admit is that I used to love country music. What comes to mind when one thinks of country is the demeaning and poorly written songs about loving trucks and beer, but those songs are not the ones I grew up listening to! I grew up listening to an era of country music that still had some class--music that told stories in an authentic way. And I’ll be honest, I also loved the twang.

However, I stopped listening to country when the popular genre started to lean into its often repetitive and annoying style of songwriting. That was until I found out a country artist was opening for Harry Styles on his self-titled tour. I figured, if Harry likes this musician, then I should give her a chance. Am I glad I did.  


Kacey Musgraves is not like other country girls.  Kacey is a progressive artist who talks openly about using drugs, supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and politics. Her lyrics are a candid social commentary of our world and her personal life, yet they still have that classic country sound that so many of us ex-country fans have been searching for.  

Along with her presence being a breath of fresh air in the country community, she also happens to be insanely talented. She writes her own music, is equipped with the guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonica, and has won countless awards including 6 Grammy’s. Stats aside, all you need to do is listen to her live performances to understand the amount of expertise she has at her craft. Her latest album, Golden Hour, recently won Album of the Year and has quickly changed the opinion of many country music haters. image

So, if you haven’t listened to her music yet, I urge you to add her music to your queue.  Whether you are avidly opposed to country, have never listened to the genre, or a huge fan that simply hasn’t given Miss Musgraves a try, she will not disappoint.