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If You’re Not Watching Schitt’s Creek, You Need to Be

Schitt’s Creek is one of the best shows on television, and not enough people talk about it. The show follows the Rose family, and over-the-top affluent family, who have lost all of their fortunes, except for one asset: the small town of Schitt’s Creek purchased as a joke by dad, Johnny for his son, David. Hysteria ensues as the Rose’s try to acclimate to their new life, and much of the comedy comes from the juxtaposition of the Rose family and the rest of the townspeople.

The main reason to watch this show is its cast and the characters that they play. Eugene Levy plays patriarch David Rose, ex-CEO of the nation’s number one video rental company. His real-life son and show’s co-creator Dan Levy plays David Rose, an ex-art gallery curator and self-proclaimed “black sheep” of the family. Alexis Rose, portrayed by Annie Murphy, is a typical self-absorbed rich girl and talks exactly how you would expect her to (the way she says her brother’s name is one of the best parts). The ensemble of townsfolk is great and brings a sense of normalcy to the characters. However, the best performance is that of Catherine O’Hara (who you may recognize as the mom from Home Alone or Beetlejuice). O’Hara plays Moira Rose, an ex-soap opera star who brings the same melodrama to her everyday life. The way she speaks, her hilarious one-liners, her ever-changing wigs, and her avant-garde costumes really put the cherry on top to the sundae that is this cast.

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The storyline and the humor that it brings is genius. Watching the awkwardness of the Rose family try to be “normal” people but ultimately failing always brings the laughs, and the interaction between the melodramatic family members and the members of Schitt’s Creek community is a sight to be seen. The Roses have to deal with their new reality in a town of humble middle-class folks (aka a town whose sign is the one down below). It truly feels like they are from two separate planets, and watching the Roses have to be brought back into their new reality is hilarious.

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Another reason this show is so fantastic is the way that it treats David’s sexuality. It isn’t made a huge deal and is only referenced once the character encounters romance. While he is described by other characters as pansexual, he prefers to not have a label. As mentioned in a scene using wine as a metaphor for human, David says that he likes “the wine and not the label” and that he likes “red wine, white wine, and the occasional rose”. It not only gives more representation but the fact that it’s not made a huge deal normalizes the idea that not every person is straight.

Schitt’s Creek is currently airing its fifth season on Pop TV, but you can find the first four seasons on Netflix (which I highly recommend you check out). Watch one or two episodes and give it a try, and I guarantee you will laugh out loud at the ridiculously funny show, and hopefully find a new binge-worthy series!

Sadie is co- Campus Correspondent for Her Campus DePaul. She is a proud Wisconsinite double majoring in Journalism and Media and Cinema Studies. She is a cheese-loving lactose intolerant, musical theater nerd, movie buff, and cat lady. If you ever need to know unnecessary random facts about celebrities or want a live reenactment of every episode of The Office, she's your gal.
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