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How to Embrace Valentine’s Day When You’re Single



Valentine’s Day, also known as “Single’s Awareness Day,” can be an understandably dreaded holiday for people who are single. If you’re so over feeling bitter about not being in a relationship (or have never felt bitter ‒ go, you!), here are a few ways you can embrace Valentine’s Day this year.  

Wear something that makes you feel good.

Picking out a cute outfit to wear may help you get in the Valentine’s spirit. Go all out with red and pink, or dig out your most comfortable pair of sweatpants. If you’re like me, dedicating a little extra time for yourself in the morning may help you get motivated for the day ahead of you.

Watch a rom-com.

Just because you don’t have a significant other to share Valentine’s Day with doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate love in a classic rom-com movie plot!

Write a love letter to yourself.

In the spirit of loving yourself, it’s important to remind yourself how much you appreciate, well, YOU. This is an opportune time to check in with yourself and acknowledge all your positive qualities.


Make a Valentine’s Day treat.*

Baking is good for the soul, and the grocery store has an entire section dedicated to cake decorations. It’s no coincidence that Valentine’s Day sprinkles exist. Get baking.

*Bonus points if you share your baking creations with your loved ones (whom you love in a platonic sense, obvi).

Do an act of kindness for a stranger.

People’s moods are all over the board on Valentine’s Day. Some people could probably use a reminder that the good in the world extends beyond romantic relationships. If you want to make an impact, consider making a conscious effort to be extra kind to others. Give a genuine compliment, pay for coffee for the person in line behind you, or hold open the door for someone.

As a single person on Valentine’s Day, you’ve probably already accepted that you may not receive a bouquet of flowers on the 14th. If you’re particularly passionate about making sure no one else is deprived of this basic gesture of thoughtfulness, you could leave a flower on a stranger’s car. Know that there are many different ways of spreading kindness.

Being single on Valentine’s Day can be pretty fun if you have the right attitude. Valentine’s Day is what you make of it, so don’t forget to cherish your friends and treat yourself!

Erin Hughes

DePaul '21

Erin Mary Hughes studies Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies at DePaul University. When she’s not writing for Her Campus, you can find her painting, volunteering with DePaul Community Service Association, and educating others about her home state, Wisconsin. 
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