How Calligraphy is Helping Me Through Quarantine

Ever since the emergence of COVID-19, the whole nation has seen numerous changes in their lifestyle and most of us are now getting frustrated on how long we have to stay in “Quarantine.” Similar is the case with me! As a recent graduate, my plan was to continue with my internship full-time and find a plan. But it didn’t go as planned. My internship got discontinued and the job market is currently very competitive. 

Despite these challenging times, I have not only kept myself calm but have also tried out some new things. One of my newfound hobbies is “Hand Lettering,” or also called “Calligraphy.” 

During my childhood and even today, I am easily attracted to great handwriting and whenever I went to a bookstore, the first section I visited was related to “Calligraphy.” However, due to busy schedules, I never got a chance, or I should say time, to learn it. 

Now that I have more than enough time, I decided to order a perfect “Calligraphy Kit” on Amazon, which I had saved for over a couple of months. I was glad that it was still available. 

Tulips with a paper that says

Once I got the kit, I was excited to get started and when I dived in I found great deal of benefits of doing it especially during quarantine. Some of them I am going to highlight below:

  1. It relieves stress: This is one of the most important we need to care about during this time and allows us to forget about negativity and focus on what is good for us.  When I practice calligraphy, I feel more focused and less depressed.

  2. It makes us unique: It helps in revealing your personality and orients us towards listening to the needs of balance, self-recognition, and harmony with our own self and with the environment as well.

  3. Every second of doing it worth it: Since you are making something beautiful and creative, you will feel a sense of pride in the end result and will give meaning to the words.

  4. Finally, it is something that is not defined by age: Any person can do it! Anytime you learn something new, you’re broadening your horizons and being good to your brain.


So, I encourage you to try calligraphy or any other form of handwriting. You may just find yourself delighted at how this art enhances your life and helps you get through these difficult times. Stay safe and take care of yourself!