Here’s Why You Need to Love Ellie Goulding

British pop sensation Ellie Goulding has been one of the most influential female singers ever since her hit song Lights came out almost a decade ago. Her eclectic and ethereal sound captures her glittery style and soft, empowering nature. What’s not to love? She is one of those dynamic artists that can basically sing anything and sound beautifully angelic.

I’ve been listening to her music ever since I started high school. Her music just grows with you and it’s unreal that I got to see her live on her Delirium tour two years ago. She also has her new hit single out, Close to Me, that she collaborated with Diplo and Swae Lee. Lemme tell ya, it’s a bop. Ellie brings a sense of energy through her music that gets everybody off their feet and in the moment—I know I for sure listen to her religiously. I mean, I love her, and here's why you should too!


She Has Music for Everyone and Every Feeling

Ellie has written many songs that express all the emotions. Love Me Like You Do, How Long Will I Love You, and I Know You Care are some of her love ballads for all your romantic needs. When the love ends, well, she’s got breakup songs, too like On My Mind, Don’t Need Nobody, and Without Your Love are some independently empowering “moving on” songs that prove you don’t need no man to fill the void. And if you’re feeling like you just need to dance, she’s got songs for that too of course: Something In The Way You MoveI Need Your LoveCodes, and Burn are some party favorites.

She is an Environmental Activist

Ellie has made her point very clear about how she feels about the environment and has taken the issues to social media. Specifically, Ellie has expressed her disgust in the way people are treating the environment, the deteriorating habitats and bioregions, climate change, and the politics surrounding the protection, or lack thereof, of the Earth. Ellie has been honored with being the United Nations Environmental Ambassador. She is also a proud vegan, go her!



She Actually Went to College

Surprisingly enough, unlike many other famous artists who get lucky and become famous immediately, Ellie attended the University of Kent for two years before her big break after winning a singing contest at her school. She studied drama, politics, and English before her passion lead the way and she pursued her dream of performing and songwriting.

She’s a Badass Fitness Queen

While she’s admitted to being “addicted” to working out, Ellie has definitely shown that every woman can be strong and powerful. One of the reasons I respect Ellie is because she expresses in interviews that she wants to be able to “defend” herself. Working out a lot, especially if you’re a woman, can be pressuring when everyone thinks you’re doing it for the wrong reasons (to get skinny, impress guys, etc.). I know I can keep pushing it whenever I got her on my workout playlist!


Ellie Goulding has impacted my life as one of those artists who have the ability to change with you. I’m still listening to her music that was released years ago and new music that she’s just come out with. I could go on and list more reasons to love her, but that would be a novel. Get on Spotify now and give her some love!

Here are My Top Five Songs:

  1. The Writer” (Lights)

  2. Explosions” (Halcyon)

  3. Something In The Way You Move” (Delirium)

  4. Beating Heart” (Single)

  5. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)” (Lights)