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Happy Mother’s Day: A Letter to Our Moms

While Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘mother’ as one’s female parent, each of us has come to define this title, job, and lifestyle ourselves. With every kissed bruise, wiped tear and fit of laughter, our moms have taught us the meaning of the righteous title. 
She was the first female role model in our lives, who helped us through puberty and taught us the art of applying mascara. 
She supported us through every single awkward stage in our lives; our double sided bangs, purple eyeshadow and baby blue eyeliner obsession (or was that just me?). 
She was our friend when our ‘friends’ weren’t and always managed to cheer us up after a bad day. 
She gripped tightly to the car door during our first drive on the interstate and guided us through our first interview. 
She answers the phone every time we anxiously call, overwhelmed with the life we are beginning.  
And she comments on every single Facebook post, just to make sure we feel loved.
She’s your mom and she’s been there through it all.
Though, while away at school, we tend to let her fade into the background. We get so distracted with our obligations and navigating through life that we forget to stay in contact with the ones who built us up and made this all possible. 
However, no matter how distant or distracted we may seem, you are always on our mind and we are always thinking of you. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes special days designated for appreciation in order for us to recognize what we take for granted. But nonetheless, it reminds us. Her Campus DePaul would like to thank all of the beautiful, courageous and feisty moms in our lives for everything they do for us. 
Happy Mother’s Day!
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