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Halloween Costumes That Will Keep You Warm AND Chic As F*ck!

Okay ladies, let’s talk. I am ALL about you wearing whatever makes you feel fierce, but I personally don’t feel my best walking around with nipples so hard they could cut diamonds. But hey, that’s just me. So here are some creative and cute as h*ll costumes that will cure your craving for attention.

“I’m a mouse… DUH!”

Yass Mean Girls! What’s nice about this costume is that you could use it as a group statement AND each outfit does work separately! These are super cute and cozy! You could even wear it with jeans or add a black or pink jacket and still get your point across.  

Hey, Arthur!

This costume has two parts: you can either be Arthur, a cute aardvark OR clench your fist all night and be the meme. The glasses could easily be found on Amazon, Claire’s, or even a local thrift store, and the ears are just construction paper glued to a headband. Plus jeans and a sweater… it’s warm and adorable!  

Glasses for  $1.99


‘XOXO, Gossip Girl’

This will never go out of style. These costumes can work on their own but would be best as a pair. Most of these things could be found in your own closet!

‘Okay ladies, let’s get in formation’

Queen B herself. Black long sleeve shirt with bold silver jewelry and a black hat. Simple and easy! Take it a step further with braids and a bold lip and BAM! Bey would be proud.

Necklace for $25

Hat for $7.99


We go together like…

It couldn’t get any easier! Either write “Peanut Butter” or “Jelly” on a plain shirt OR simply get on Amazon and order it! These are so cute and can also be worn with a sweater depending on the weather!

PB Tshirt for $17.95

Jelly Tshirt for $17.95


‘‘Cause baby, now we’ve got Bad Blood”

To look like mad love, go for red-lip-classic, cut up a poster board, and voila! This is so cute and stylish! If it’s cold, wear it with a jean jacket and still look on point!

‘Raindrops, drop tops. Smokin’ on cookie in the hotbox.’

Love this! Grab your bestie and get creative! All you would need is to dress the part and make a sign! With such minimal effort involved, this is a great costume! Plus, you get to wear sunglasses all night, which I’m a big fan of.

Bae Watch

Wear with white jeans if it’s too cold and get the same look! Find a red one-piece bathing suit, a whistle and you’re all set!

Bathing suit for $17.95

Whistle for $1.99

“I’m feelin’ myself”

Find the Nikki to your Beyoncé and WORK. This costume may take a little more preparation, but it’s definitely worth it! Plus, you get to walk around in a fuzzy coat all night, so you’re welcome.

Fur jackets for $19.95

Bulls One Piece for $7.99

Lipstick One Piece for $18.05


‘What? Like it was hard?’

ELLE WOODS!!! WE LOVE HER!!! Literally just wear pink and put a stuffed animal in a purse! This can be customized to your liking and boom, FABULOUS!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This is so old school and stylish. This may not seem like on the warm side, but you could pair it with tights and a sweater around your shoulders and still be on point! A little back dress, costume pearls, and a crown from a party store are all you would need to complete this costume!

Necklace for $10.69

Crown for $8.99  

‘I was just totally Clueless!’

Cher! We love a classic! With this, you get to wear high socks and a jacket… perfect for late October!!!! I found this entire outfit on Amazon!

Skirt for $9.47

‘Don’t be a witch, b*tch’

Are you as obsessed with American Horror Story as I am this time of year? Have a night out on the town with your coven in these adorable outfits! All you would need to find is a few accessories!

Neck Scarf for $3.78


“Mouth Breather…”

Quiet but deadly, show no mercy this Halloween by being Elle. Wear a blue jacket with a pink dress and high socks! Pair with a lipstick bloody nose and Eggo waffles and you’re all set! Plus, you get breakfast for the next morning!

All images are courtesy of pinterest


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